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Garage Door Safety

A garage door is a part of your home that you may not normally think of, but you probably use it every day. Its function is simple: push a button and the door goes upÖand then it goes back down again. Simple. Effective. Not super special, right? For the most part, I would agree, there are certain safety precautions that should be considered to keep your garage door the normal everyday household tool youíve come to rely on.

Consider these safety tips when owning and using a garage door:

  1. Teach children not to play around or with the garage door/garage door transmitter. These doors are heavy pieces of equipment and are not child-proof.
  2. Make sure the door opener button is out of reach of small children.
  3. Do monthly checkups to make sure all the machine pieces are working properly. If they arenít, call a certified technician at Johnson & Johnson Overhead Doors to service your garage doors immediately.
  4. Check to see if your garage door opener has an automatic reversing mechanism. According to federal law, garage door openers manufactured after January 1, 1993 are required to have an automatic reversing mechanism. If yours does not, Johnson & Johnson Overhead Doors highly recommends that you replace your doors for your safety and othersí.
  5. Never stick fingers between the door sections. Make sure children know this danger, and consider a door that do not have panels where fingers can be pinched.
  6. Keep your carís portable garage door opening transmitter out of sight; do not leave it in your car at night. Thieves can break into your car and steal the transmitter and later use it to break into your house.

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